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Hispanic Heritage Celebration

September 14th, 2024

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Dallas Habitat Welcomes New CEO Ashley Brundage

How We Serve Our Community

Homeownership Services

From Learning to Living:
Your Pathway to a Home.

Dallas Habitat provides free Homebuyer and Financial Education courses aimed at promoting financial literacy and empowering individuals toward homeownership. Covering budgeting, home buying, and financial stability through webinars, videos, and one-on-one counseling, the organization strengthens communities by offering essential tools for navigating the financial aspects of life.

ReStore Shops

Where Every Purchase
Builds Hope.

The Dallas Habitat ReStore outlets, recognized for their commitment to affordability and sustainability, serve both budget-minded homeowners and DIY aficionados by offering a wide selection of home goods, furniture, and appliances at discounts up to 90% off retail. More significantly, these stores play a pivotal role in community enhancement, as every purchase aids Dallas Habitat’s mission to improve neighborhood living spaces, epitomizing the ethos of purpose-driven shopping.

Volunteer Services

Lend Hands, Lift Hearts,
Transform Lives.

Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity not only aids in building affordable homes but also enhances communities and personal growth through diverse roles including construction, retail operations, administrative tasks, and event planning. It’s an enriching experience that welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds, emphasizing the power of collective effort in driving sustainable change and improving community well-being.

Home Construction

Constructing Communities,
One Home at a Time.

Dallas Habitat’s volunteer construction program, open to individuals of all skill levels, invites volunteers to partake in the construction and rehabilitation of homes alongside deserving families. These efforts, requiring no prior construction experience, span from building new homes to specialized tasks achieved through the Habitat University’s trained Core Volunteers. The program embodies a collaborative spirit, where families contribute sweat equity and volunteers provide essential support, facilitating cost-effective home construction. Additionally, the Wall Shop significantly enhances the efficiency and affordability of the homebuilding process by prefabricating walls, contributing to Dallas’s community development. Volunteering here not only accelerates home construction but also offers a meaningful chance to engage with and positively impact the Dallas community.

Building a Better
Tomorrow Together

Your support for Dallas Habitat weaves a stronger social fabric in our community. Every dollar raised is invested locally to provide education, safety, and stability, enabling everyone in our community can flourish.





Online Education Courses Completed In 2023


First-time home buyers counseled in 2023


Volunteers Donated their time to Habitat in 2023



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