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2021 Volunteer Appreciation Event

Thank you to all our volunteers who have made Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity what it is today. It be because of your support and dedication that we can make such an impact in our community.

Congratulations to this year’s award winners

The Homeowner Services Volunteer of the Year:

Lisa Woulard

The Sponsor Coordinator Award:

Kelly Barone

Mary Brock Award

Steve Healey

Spirit of Habitat Award:

Sandy Wesch

Blue Hat Volunteer of the Year:

Robert Adler

Construction Site Volunteer of the Year:

Kenny Rogers

Wall Shop Volunteer of the Year

Bill Tulp

ReStore Group of the Year

Highlander Young Men Service League

A special thank you to our dedicated volunteers

5 Years of Service

Ivayla Georgieva James Switser
John Springer Steve Moore
Dave Sykes Heather Lorch
Cynthia Blue Ted Krauss
Mary Lynn Krauss Thomas Conlon
Jonathan Tremell

10 Years of Service

Marsha Edwards Geoff Clinch
Stephen Capuyan Ray Mimick

15 Years of Service

Kenny Rogers Dave Hermon
Jeff Eaton Charles Hardin
Russ Root Donald Sanders
Skip Robbins Danny Hobson

20 Years of Service

Sydnee Freeman

25 Years of Service

Ed Wilson

30 Years of Service

Stephen “Laird” Seybold
Al Ellis

A special thank you to our dedicated volunteers