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Financial Literacy Week 2022 | Watch The Full Event Below

All week we featured special speakers to get you financially ready to buy a home, pay off debt, save for retirement, and more! Check out our talks below and as always feel free to reach out with any questions or if you are ready to start the home buying process. 

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This Years Keynote Speaker

Bola Sokunbi

Bola is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), finance expert, bestselling author, speaker, and founder of Clever Girl Finance, a financial education platform, and community for women empowering them to achieve financial wellness and live life on their own terms. She’s also the recipient of the 2021 Financial Education Instructor of the Year (FEIY) Award from the National Council of Financial Educators.

Watch This Years Event

Build Your Financial Foundation

Strengthen Your Financial Foundation: What’s Next?
Partners: Financial Wellness Consultant, PNC Bank

Rethinking Your Budget to Combat Inflation
Partners: Champella Hatcher, Financial Coach, Harmony CDC

Women + Money: Take Control of Your Financial Freedom!
Partners: WiNGS Financial Coaches Panel

Family & Youth Financial Fitness

Leaving a Legacy: How Parents Can Empower Their Children + Close the Wealth Gap
Partners: Gloria Castillo, Financial Coach, Catholic Charities

Starting Smart: How to Teach our Kids Good Money Habits
Partners: Keli Calderon, Founder of The Smart Money Academy

Planning Your Financial Future

Saving for College: 529 Plans + Other Savings Tools
Dallas Area Habitat For Humanity

Building + Preserving a Financial Legacy
Partners: Lawrence Smith, CFP and Wealth Planning Advisor, ELS Vision Wealth Management

Roadmap to Retirement
Partners: Kim Pruitt, NFP

Conquer Credit & Pay Down Debt

Avalanche vs. Snowball: Comparing Debt Payoff Strategies
Partners: Terri Thomas, Community Manager, Chase

Debt Management Workshop
Partners: Brandon Jones, VP External Affairs, Comerica Bank

Map Your Homeownership Journey

Determining Your Purchase Power: How Much Home Can You Afford?
Partners: Porfirio Coronado, Assistant Manager of Homeowner Services, Dallas Habitat

10 Steps for Buying Your First Home
Partners: Lisa Woulard, Realtor, The Home Approval Team/Keller Williams

Thank you to our sponsors and speakers

Clever Girl Finance
Comerica Bank
Keller Williams
Boys & Girls
Club of West Dallas
The Smart Money Academy
Catholic Charities
Harmony CDC
PNC Bank

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