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The season of blossoming is here. We celebrate by embracing new life in the greenery around us, lapping up brighter sun and looking ahead into longer months. At Habitat, we think about spring as a time for opportunity. The opportunity to grow the community, foster new homes and plant fundamental seeds which educate those in need.

Why you should grow with us this spring:

Our road map is bursting with opportunity, execution and resolution this spring. Everything from refining financial counseling programs, to organizing home ownership workshops and orchestrating volunteer programs — we are springing into springtime!

Our community is ignited and we open it to you. Please consider donating your time as a volunteer, or donating monetarily to Dallas Habitat. The more people, the more impact.

What we’ve accomplished with your donations:

Our 2019 milestones will be tough to beat, but we’re on our way. 

Last year we built 54 new homes, and reconstructed 35. 69% of our home buyers were women and had a family size of 3-4 people on average.

Additionally, our Homeowner Services were widely impactful. We educated over 1,000+ on homeownership, being mortgage ready and the steps they need to take to get there  – that’s a lot of meetings!

What your gift could give to a family in need:

$25Paint Brushes
$35Electric Outlets
$75Light Fixture
$150Front Door
$200100lbs of Nails
$500Water Heater
$500Home Siding