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It’s easy to get lost in the physicality of gift-giving. However, the most special gifts extend beyond what’s under the tree. The gift of friendship, community and kindness cannot be purchased. By gifting someone a tribute donation to the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, in place of a physical item, you are sharing an indescribable human treasure beyond the recipient.


At Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, we see a Dallas where every neighborhood is proud and we are proud of every neighborhood. To move us closer to this vision, we need to understand how homeownership fits into the picture of the Dallas we want to build.


At Dallas Habitat, we believe that financial and homebuyer education lay a foundation for becoming an informed, empowered home buyer. Our program provides many types of education, in a variety of formats to meet our buyers’ needs. So, whether you’ve just started thinking about buying a home, are near to closing, or have recently purchased your first home – join us to learn what it takes to become a successful homeowner!


Seeking to put God’s love into action, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity
brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

New Homes Built

Clients Education

Volunteer Hours

Lbs of goods donated to ReStore


Join Dallas Habitat in empowering families, transforming neighborhoods, and strengthening our communities.

Meet The Padilla-Hernandez Family

Meet The Padilla-Hernandez Family

Meet the Padilla-Hernadez Family Read a recap of our 2019 efforts, our new Power of Pennies program and learn about a family who didn’t let fear stop them from homeownership.We Never Thought We’d Be Able To Qualify For A Home Mr. Hernadez said, as he explained his...

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A lesson Taught By Theresa Clement

A lesson Taught By Theresa Clement

Your old is someone else's new We couldn’t operate our Habitat ReStores without people like you. The cycle of donating and buying is the fuel that powers our ability to give back and recover. As you renovate, replace or relocate - think twice before throwing your...

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“Upcycling”, buzzword or here to stay?

“Upcycling”, buzzword or here to stay?

“Upcycling”, buzzword or here to stay? What is Upcycling? Why is everyone talking about it? Learn more about what it means to us and our favorite upcycling examples. Upcycling is the act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and new...

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