Why Organize Corporate Giving?

Corporate giving, or a corporate philanthropy program, benefit the community as well as your organization.

Charity days, fundraisers or volunteering are all initiatives that have been proven to build a better work culture, and back the stance your organization chooses to take from a values and social responsibility perspective.

At Dallas Area Habitat, we offer a variety of corporate initiatives that can help shape a strong company culture, values and happier employees — all while contributing to the Dallas community. Here are the ways your organization can get involved in Dallas Habitat for Humanity corporate giving.

Sponsor a Habitat House

Any organizations can sponsor a house – churches, businesses, groups, clubs and foundations are all eligible.

There are a few ways you can sponsor a house:

  • Full House Sponsorship
  • Half House Sponsorship
  • Team Build Sponsorship
  • Wall shop

Full House Sponsorship

You and your team will build the home from start to finish over the course of 10-days with 20-25 volunteers. This level also allows the opportunity to sponsor the entire home. Full House Sponsorship cost can vary, reach out to our Habitat team to learn more.

Half House Sponsorship

If your organization is working with a smaller budget, there’s no requirement to sponsor the entire house. Many organizations choose to sponsor part of the build by fundraising for specific supplies such as door knobs, heating or siding, or skilled labor such as an electrician or plumber.

When you set up your fundraising agreement, our Habitat team can inform you of the different price points for various build items or labor which can create excitement and ownership over the home that your organization helped build.

A half house sponsorship also allows a more flexible volunteer schedule. We can break up into smaller groups or build times.

Team Build Sponsorship

This is one big day out for the team to help with a build. A great opportunity for a volunteer day.

Wall Shop

Create a team building day with group-bonding activities at our wall shop where your team will help frame the walls of a family’s new home.

Matching Gifts

Creating matching gifts is a great way to get the broader community involved in your organization’s thoughtful initiative.

Matching gift are highly promoted across social, email and website to gain traction and attention of thousands of Texans.

We often create gifting campaigns in partnership with special moments such as North Texas Giving Day or Women Build. These opportunities are a great way to reach a broader audience and organize a matching gift.

Corporate gifting is a special gesture, and we are thrilled by your consideration. If you have a unique corporate gifting opportunity in mind, or would like to participate in one of the ideas we’ve mentioned, please email us at donate@dallas-habitat.org