Donating to Dallas

Our program transforms families and builds communities. Donations are key in our efforts to build a better Dallas. So, how can you join in on the fun? Here we explain the ways you can donate to Dallas Habitat for Humanity.

In Dallas, 1 in 6 households spend more than half of their income on housing. Due to rent increasing, and wages remaining the same, families across the city are struggling to make ends meet and are forced to make difficult financial decisions to stay afloat.

Dallas Habitat for Humanity empowers families out of poverty by providing in depth education, advice and financial plans to achieve homeownership.

Habitat families will not pay more than 30% of their monthly income at the time of closing on a home, and will sometimes contribute ‘sweat equity’ by building their home, or home for their neighbors, which also establishes a strong foundation within the community.

In 2019 alone, Dallas Habitat educated more than 1000 clients, 60+ of those became mortgage ready and 6,575 hours of sweat equity was completed.

Can I only donate to Dallas Habitat for Humanity once?

You can make a big difference in revitalizing Dallas neighborhoods with a one time gift. To give you an idea where your donation may go, here are some of the items we’ll buy for our home builds and their costs.

Where my Dallas Area Habitat Donation can go:

Many one-time donations are made in the name of someone who requested it for a birthday gift or celebration, in replacement of a physical gift to themselves. Donors also can make a contribution in memory of someone they love.

Can I set up a recurring gift?

Recurring gifts can be a good option for donors for the following reasons:

  • They’re dictated by you. Remember, no gift is too small. Spacing out a small donation over the course of several months can be accommodated to fit any budget.
  • They’re hassle-free and occur every month automatically. You can change or cancel at any time.
  • You help make a big impact all year long by contributing a regular, ongoing contribution

By being consistent, and predictable, recurring gifts allow us to plan campaigns, programs and builds more easily.

How do I set up a trust or a will as a beneficiary?

By naming Dallas Habitat for Humanity as a beneficiary via trust or will is an incredible blessing for our organization and can support thousands of Dallas families.

There are three steps to naming a charity beneficiary:

  • Identify the charity or cause you want to support
  • Determine what type of gift you’d like to make
  • Include the gift in your end-of-life plans

You can always get in touch with us about your plans and one of our specialists will speak with you.

Every gift makes a difference in the life of a Dallas Habitat family and we are incredibly thankful for the ongoing support towards building a better Dallas. If you believe everyone should have a place to call home, consider gifting today.