Downsizing Your Office and Going Remote? Donate the Furniture!

As the digital world progresses and more and more people are working remotely, many companies are choosing to downsize their brick and mortar workplace–or eliminate it altogether! You can save thousands of dollars on rent and utilities and significantly reduce your company’s carbon footprint just by choosing to use only the space you truly need.

But as you start looking at logistics, you realize that there are casualties to your move–namely, your office furniture. You can’t possibly fit all of your current office furniture into your smaller building. And if you’re completely virtualizing, you’re going to have to find a way to remove and deal with all of it! From cubicles and desks to chairs and filing cabinets, every office has more furnishings and equipment than owners may realize.

The idea of all your desks and chairs rotting in a landfill isn’t an attractive one. And you have to pay for the privilege–both to use the landfill and to have it hauled away! Save yourself time, money, and frustration by choosing donation instead.

Donate to Habitat for Humanity ReStore

When you donate your gently-used office furniture to the ReStore, everybody wins. The furniture is saved from the landfill, your donation is picked up free of charge, and the proceeds all go to building homes for deserving families in your community. Not to mention, all donations are fully tax-deductible!

Depending on the size of your business, you could save anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars through free pickup and tax deductions. Check out the Hall Group’s story on our Corporate Donations page. The cost of hauling their furniture was going to be over $250,000–and that was just to get it to the landfill!

Instead, we were able to remove 43 semi-trucks worth of furniture to sell in the ReStore, and the company saved a quarter of a million dollars–plus over $100,000 in tax breaks! And the proceeds from their donations helped build affordable housing for families in need right here in the Dallas community.

You can schedule a free pickup by filling out this request form, or by calling your nearest ReStore Location.

Donation Guidelines

While we do appreciate any and all donations, we can only take office furniture and furnishings that are in good, working condition. Please check the following criteria before making a donation:

  • Must be 100% operable
  • Must be clean
  • Must be in good condition–no excessive scratching, tearing, staining, etc.

What Corporate Products Does ReStore Accept?

  • Cubicles
  • Partitions
  • File Cabinets
  • Office Equipment
  • Appliances
  • Cabinets
  • Doors
  • Decor
  • Electrical supplies
  • Flooring
  • Hardware
  • Lighting and fans
  • Furniture
  • Lumber
  • Wall coverings
  • Plumbing
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Tubs
  • Tools
  • Windows
  • Rugs

We will supply you with an itemized receipt for all goods donated based on the reported value.