Are you thinking about buying a home, but aren’t sure if you’re financially ready? Dallas Habitat’s Homeownership Center is designed to educate and equip first-time home buyers with a personalized plan and financial skills in order to become mortgage-ready. Our HUD-certified counselors will support you in designing a roadmap for success, as you begin your homeownership journey!



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3 Key Takeaways from Financial Literacy Week

3 Key Takeaways from Financial Literacy Week

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Must-Dos for first time homebuyers

Must-Dos for first time homebuyers

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Buying a house for the first time can seem tedious and overwhelming, especially when it comes to financing. What does your debt-to-income ratio look like? Do you have enough money saved for additional costs? Are you able to identify your needs vs. wants?
At Dallas Habitat, you’ll work with a HUD-certified Homeownership Counselor who will help you navigate the process and become mortgage-ready. Our team will prepare you for success in your home buying experience by providing one-on-one conversation regarding income, credit scores, debt-to-income ratio and building savings. These conversations and steps will help to lay the groundwork for purchasing your first home!

What should I expect from the Dallas Area Habitat HUD-certified Homeownership Counseling program?

Our homeownership counseling program is designed to assist you in becoming mortgage ready in one year or less. From our program, you can expect one-on-one counseling where we create a path together to help you achieve your goal of homeownership.

What is the Dallas Area Habitat Homeownership program?

The Dallas Habitat Homeownership program can be an option for mortgage-ready clients who demonstrate an ability to qualify for available Habitat homes and express interest in purchasing within one of our communities. Clients who purchase a Habitat home receive 0% financing, as well as down payment and closing cost assistance.

I’m interested in the Dallas Habitat Homeownership program! How do I get started?

In order to purchase a Dallas Habitat home, you’ll start by completing Homeownership Counseling with Dallas Habitat and become mortgage-ready.

What are the income and credit requirements for the homeownership counseling program?

As part of your goals in the counseling program you’ll be required to work towards achieving a credit score of 600 or above, demonstrate sufficient and stable income to purchase a home based on the current housing market, and have adequate savings to cover expenses related to a home purchase. Please note: If you are currently participating in a debt management program, we advise you to wait until you complete the program before applying for homeownership counseling, as your credit score, history and debt will impact your ability to qualify for a mortgage.

Is there a cost for the program?

Yes, the program cost for a single applicant is $125 and dual applicants is $200. This provides unlimited one-on-one counseling sessions with a HUD-certified counselor, credit reviews, and also includes the cost of all classes and workshops.

My spouse is no longer living with me or is incarcerated. Do they have to complete the application and be on the mortgage with me?

Texas is a community property state, therefore, your spouse should be included in your counseling application and should you choose to buy a Habitat house, they will also be included on the mortgage, unless you are legally divorced.

Can I apply if I am not a US citizen?

To be eligible for our programs, you must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident.

Can I choose where I want to live? Can I choose my house and where it would be built?

Once you become mortgage ready and are prequalified, your Counselor will help you navigate the process to purchase a home where you want to live, based on your affordability. Options may include purchasing a home on the open market, or buying a Dallas Habitat home, based on our available inventory and what you can afford.

I’m ready to take the first step! How do I start?

We’re excited that you’re taking the first step towards homeownership and that you’ve selected the Dallas Habitat Counseling program to assist you! The first step is to create an account, and then complete our pre-screen tool. This tool allows you to determine your eligibility to apply for our Counseling program, where we can assist you in becoming mortgage ready within a year. Note: The pre-screen tool is NOT our program application.

How long after I complete and submit the Pre-Screen will I get a response?

When you submit the pre-screen tool, you’ll immediately receive a response. If based on the information provided, you’d be a good fit for our counseling program, you’ll be invited to complete an application for Homeownership Counseling and will then pay the appropriate application cost. Please note: we do not accept applications year-round.

I submitted the pre-screen tool and it stated I am not a good fit for the counseling program at this time, what do I do? We encourage you to browse the resources available and attend our in- person workshops and online financial education modules through Pocketwise CAFÉ.You can access all of education resources when you log into the Homebuyer Community.

I submitted a Homeownership Counseling application and would like to know what my status is.

If it’s been more than 14 business days since you filled out the online counseling application in the community and you have not been contacted by a Counselor, please send us an email at homeownersupport@dallas-habitat.org with your first and last name and the best way to reach you within 48 hours.

I’m having an issue with the online application and would like to speak to someone.

If you experience issues with the online application through the community, send us an email to homeownersupport@dallas-habitat.org with your first and last name and the best way that we can reach you within 48 hours.

What do I do while I wait to hear from my counselor?

We’re excited that you are eager to start your homeownership journey! Since education is a requirement for the counseling program, we highly suggest that you get started as soon as possible with our online and in-person education. Sign up today in the Homebuyer Community!

I don’t have access to a computer. How do I submit an application or complete online education?

Both the application and online education are mobile friendly, but if you need access to a computer, you are more than welcome to stop by the office to use our computers located in our office lobby Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4:30 pm.

UPDATE as of March 2020: We’re sorry, but our office is currently closed due to COVID-19. If you need technical assistance, please contact our team at homeownersupport@dallas-habitat.org