How does Habitat source building materials?

Habitat is able to build, and source the materials to do so, due to the kindness of individuals and corporate donation, in conjunction with renewable sourcing. Sustainable building goes hand in hand with Habitat for Humanity home builds and allows us to build homes for families across the country.

Sustainable building as a priority

As an organization, Habitat thrives on sustainable efforts and has implemented varying renewable practices throughout the world in every home build. When thinking of sourcing our build materials, looking for sustainable solutions is always in the forefront. Sustainable homes can reduce electricity bills up to 90% can decrease heating and water bill, and create a healthier home by sometimes creating better air quality. It’s a consideration that benefits our planet, and our families.

Therefore, when it comes to building our homes, Habitat is always eager to hear from donors or corporations who align with sustainable building practices, and prioritize materials that yield the benefits that come with it. Habitat is fortunate enough to source materials through a network of tight partners who work in concert to not only source, but provide guidance and resources, education and best practices on sustainable building. However, it’s an ever-evolving industry and as a result all local Habitats are always eager to chat to new partners or hear about new building solutions that provide better outcomes for families.

Generosity of corporate donors

Habitat works with national and regional corporate donors that provide materials and resources which aid every home build. In addition to the incredible team of volunteers, Habitat could not achieve our current volume of builds without our corporate donors.

Corporate donors provide more than the obvious materials such as wood or steel. Each of them work in symphony and are able to transform a shell of a house into a warm family home.

In one year, Habitat national partners provided:

  • 288 roofing systems by GAF
  • 100 football-fields worth of Styrofoam insulation from Dow
  • 251,943 gallons of paint from Valspar
  • 42,914 locks from Yale
  • 11,152 refrigerators and ranges from Whirlpool
  • 190 blinds by Hunter Douglas
  • 16,700 LED lights from Cree
  • 63,402 Square D electrical products from Schneider Electric

And that’s only National. Our Dallas regional network of corporate material donors have been an incredible asset to improving our local communities.

Corporate donations do not only come with a good feeling, but a lucrative tax benefit. The Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. This means that all donations made to Habitat are 100% tax-deductible.

Individual donors are the heartbeat of all our builds

Corporate donations are an incredible gift that help achieve goals that are set to guide new build efforts across Dallas and the world. That said, individuals can also make an incredible impact in Habitat’s ability to source building materials.

Financial donations, whether one-off, or monthly are of course incredibly generarious. However, if that’s not an option, there are other actions individuals can take to help:

    Donating gently used furniture, building materials or office equipment to a local ReStore

  • Asking friends or family to consider donating to Habitat in honor of their birthday or a loved one
  • Reaching out to office spaces within the community to see if they have furniture that are no longer in use and can be donated as ReStore inventory
  • Volunteering on builds, in ReStores, or at local offices which frees up resourcing to focus on other high priority tasks that are needed to take place to build more homes
  • If you, or someone you know is interested in volunteering or donating, you can visit us at dallasareahabitat.org or email info@Dallas-Habitat.org and the team will get back to you.