Oven Donation

Whether you’re renovating your residential or corporate kitchen or moving your restaurant, we can help you with your old, unwanted ovens! Instead of letting them rust in a landfill, let your oven do some good for the Dallas community! We’ll help it find a new home and use the proceeds to build a new home for a deserving family in our community.

The Benefits of Donating Your Oven to Habitat for Humanity Dallas

Make a Positive Impact

All donations of gently-used ovens in good working order are sold through our ReStores. And all of the profits from the ReStore go directly into building new homes for deserving families in the Dallas area. Last year, we built over 50 new homes using the proceeds from our ReStores!


All oven donations to Habitat for Humanity are completely tax-deductible. You can donate your oven(s) through drop-off or by scheduling a free pick-up! When you complete your donation, we will provide you with a receipt for the stated value of the oven.

Ovens are big-ticket items, so make sure you don’t forget your receipt! This is especially true for businesses and restaurants making bulk donations. You could easily save thousands of dollars in tax deductions.

Free Pick Up

When you donate your oven(s) to the ReStore, we will pick it up free of charge! Just make sure your oven is in an easy-to-reach area like your garage or in the yard on the day of pickup.

Hauling services and landfill fees can be hundreds–even thousands!–of dollars depending on the size of your donation. Instead, save time and money by calling Habitat to take care of it for you!

Schedule your pick-up here.

Environmentally Friendly

Donating your gently used oven to the ReStore keeps it out of the landfill. It also reduces carbon emissions when people purchase pre-owned instead of having a new one manufactured and shipped to them.

Residential Oven Donation

We accept residential ovens that work and are in good condition. We cannot accept your donation if it is:

  • Rusty
  • Badly scratched
  • Moldy
  • Broken
  • Missing pieces

If you have questions about a specific appliance, please contact your local ReStore.

Commercial Oven Donations

Your business could save thousands in hauling costs, landfill fees, and tax deductions when you donate your ovens to Habitat. We take all gently-used, undamaged ovens as long as they are not scratched, dented, broken, or missing pieces.

Moving a large commercial space? No problem! We’re happy to coordinate with you and make sure it’s all hauled away on a schedule that works for you! We’re also happy to accept donations of any other unwanted furniture, appliances, fixtures, or furnishings.

For more information, check out our commercial donations page.