What is Cost of Home, and why it’s important.

Cost of Home is an advocacy campaign that has been in motion the past five-years through the national brand and community Habitat for Humanity sectors. The campaign empowers boots on the ground activity through volunteers, local leaders and partners with the goal of providing 10 million people access to affordable housing

The start of Cost of Home

The campaign was founded by the uncovering of a disturbing statistic: Today, one in six families pay half or more of their income on their rent or mortgage, often choosing between paying for housing or nutritious food, reliable transportation or healthcare needs. Unfortunately, that statistic also includes our own city, Dallas.

Over the past five-years, the campaign gained significant momentum by activating on the local levels to change policies that empower and enable more families’ access to homeownership. As of 2022, 4 million people have been helped by these local motions across the nation.

Impact of soaring housing prices

Since the pandemic, our ability to push the Cost of Home narrative has been more appreciated and heard than ever. With housing prices skyrocketing to a +20% rise relative to the overall inflation rate since the onset of the pandemic, the average American is struggling to afford a place to call home. With no obvious indications of crashing, families are being pushed out of their homes across all states, cities and rural towns.

We’re told you should never spend more than 30% of your income on a home

However, that’s simply not an option for many Americans in order to afford a place to live. Acknowledging that this topic is complex, volatile and multifaceted, the Cost of Home campaign was created to spread awareness that this issue is a matter of high urgency and work needs to be done at the local level to understand and implement change.

Our Dallas Area Habitat, and Habitat’s across the world, we hear and acknowledge the struggle that families face every day in order to provide a roof over their head. From racial inequality, redlining, housing disparities on top of low minimum wage and deep systemic issues, many families are struggling to stay out, or get out, of poverty.

Our commitment

Although we have a way to go, our impact in Dallas alone has been noticed:

  • Every Dollar that Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity generates $3.18 of regional economic activity
  • Dallas Habitat’s new home construction has added almost $100 million in value to Dallas County Property Tax rolls
  • According to the Central Appraisal District (DCAD) 93% of Habitat Homes were classified as being in excellent, very good or good condition
  • Since 2010, Dallas Habitat has Built all of its new homes to LEED standards. The average energy savings of a three bedroom home is 10%-12% and 21%-22% for a two bedroom home. That savings translates to about 1 ton of carbon dioxide air pollution per year, per home.
  • 60% of Dallas Habitat survey responders saw positive changes in children’s school performance

We will not stop until this is no longer a problem for families. As a global organization, we’ve committed to helping 10 million families get access to affordable housing through local movement and community initiative. However, we need your help. If you’re interested in learning more about Cost of Home, and what you can do in your own community email us advocacy@habitat.org,