4 Organizations to Find Affordable Housing in Dallas, Texas

The need for affordable housing

There is a great need for affordable housing in Dallas, Texas. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), “The shortage of low-income housing has become increasingly critical as the cost of living continues to increase and more people are unable to afford a decent place to live.”

In order to find affordable housing, it is important that you know what types of programs are available in Dallas. Some programs provide discounted or free housing, depending on your unique circumstance. Here are a few options for those seeking affordable housing or homeownership options in the Dallas area.

1. Under 1 Roof

Under 1 Roof provides supportive housing and other services to homeless or low-income individuals as well as families in the Dallas community with a focus on those individuals and families becoming self-reliant.

With self-reliance as the end focus for those receiving support from the organization, Under 1 Roof provides services such as career counseling, tutoring for children and teens, legal counseling, and mentoring. Under 1 Roof is a faith-based nonprofit, and provides resources for families through other faith-based organizations, community groups, volunteers, and partner agencies.

Like many others, Under 1 Roof is united with other nonprofits by the invisibility of homelessness. Homelessness in America is often depicted as solely substance abuse and living on the streets however, it is more commonly mothers and small children bouncing from family and friends’ homes with nowhere else to go. Under 1 Roof is on a mission to make those invisible experiences visible and to work together with the community to end homelessness in Texas.

2. City Square

Hunger, health, housing, and hope in Dallas County and the surrounding region are addressed by CitySquare’s comprehensive range of social services. The CitySquare system includes affordable housing and emergency shelter, permanent supportive housing services for adults with mental illness and other co-occurring disorders, job training and placement services, English as a Second Language class in addition to:

  • Youth aging out of foster care system
  • Homeless Outreach
  • Community Health
  • Food Pantry
  • After School and Summer Feeding programs
  • Clinic
  • Case Management
  • Legal Assistance services
  • Financial Coaching

3. Dallas Housing Authority

The Dallas Housing Authority was established to provide for low-income families and individuals in the City of Dallas using federal housing assistance funds, domestic violence programs, health clinics, the mental health community as well as on-site services by providing transportation such as grocery shopping so those in the program can afford food while living below basic income limits.

The Dallas Housing Authority, is not a nonprofit, but a government-funded program which means it must charge rent for its apartments and developments based on Federal Guidelines.

The Dallas Housing Authority’s goal is to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing in a community that values its residents.

HDHA offers:

  • Individualized case management
  • Access to health and social services
  • Opportunities for employment and training
  • Security deposit assistance

    4. Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

    Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is different then a lot of other nonprofits because it is a social enterprise and one of the oldest in the US. A social enterprise is a business enterprise in which the principal aim is not profit-making but social welfare or public good. The primary purpose is to create a more sustainable world by creating wealth and jobs while also advancing society’s goals.

    For example, Habitat for Humanity gives the homeowner a no-interest mortgage that is linked to their income, when Habitat for Humanity builds a house. This explains why payment is always possible. However, all payments made on Habitat houses go into a pool that is afterward used to develop more homes, rather than being returned to a bank as part of a conventional loan.

    For those seeking affordable housing with the goal of homeownership, Habitat for Humanity is a great option. Homeownership is the primary objective and isn’t a good option only due to the no-interest mortgage, but also because of:

      • Robust financial education courses on taxes, debit, credit cards and spending habits
      • Unique ‘Sweat equity’ requirement
      • Families are selected based on their ability to repay the mortgage – the entire program is constructed around mortgage readiness

    There is a great need for affordable housing programs across the country, and Dallas is no exception. Contact Dallas Habitat for Humanity for more information about our affordable housing programs, or donate to our cause! By doing so, you’re helping to make a difference in the lives of families in need.