How to qualify to be a Habitat family

Becoming a Habitat family is a thorough process in which we work closely with the applicants at great depth so they are mentally, and financially, prepared for their homeownership journey. The homeownership process is expertly crafted to allow our families the best chance of success, and as a result, requires diligence, hard work, dedication, and time.

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is non discriminatory and considers applicants without regards to race, gender, handicap, origin and family status.

Need for better housing

One of the first qualifications in becoming an eligible Habitat homeowner is the need for better housing. That is defined as housing that you can no longer afford, or housing that is dangerous or inadequate to you due to how it is built or how it suits you and/or your loved one. An example of someone in need for better housing would be if the applicant and their family were living in another family member’s home which had limited and insufficient space for all members of the household.

Willing to work with us

Habitat homeowners are not only required to meet hours of homeownership education courses, but also contribute to the cost of their home via ‘sweat equity’. Sweat equity can look different depending on the build and the family, but it generally includes physical labor alongside the Habitat team and volunteers to help create the home for the applicant.

Although general construction on the home (such as framing or raising walls, or cleaning debris) is the most common example of sweat equity, here are some other examples:

  • Volunteering at one of the Dallas Area Habitat ReStores
  • Performing administrative tasks such as writing Thank You cards to Habitat donors
  • Assisting in the coordination or facilitation of a build site (e.g making lunches)

Ability to pay the mortgage

Habitat homes are not free. We offer an affordable mortgage for homeowners which is then used to build more houses for new families. Through our financial education courses, homeowners are extensively briefed on financial wellness such as mortgage repayments, debt, equity and taxes throughout the homeownership process. However, when applying, applicants must demonstrate stable employment and general financial responsibility. If you’d like to learn more about Dallas Area Habitat Income Guidelines reach out to us at info@Dallas-Habitat.org

Can anyone apply to be a Habitat Homeowner?

Yes. Habitat is nondiscriminatory. If you or someone you know meets the the qualifications above and would like to apply to be a Habitat Homeowner please contact us via email or phone 214.678.2300