Can I volunteer at Habitat if I can’t build houses?

Absolutely. With all the building going on at Habitat, it’s easy to assume that building homes are the only volunteer opportunities within the organization. However, there are many opportunities outside of building which include office volunteering, participating in neighborhood cleanups, working with Habitat Young Professionals and more that could suit those who are physically unable to participate in home builds.

This article will review some of the alternative ways one can volunteer at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity outside of building houses.

Community Cleanup

As an organization, Habitat for Humanity takes a lot of pride in leading community clean up opportunities. There have been cleanup days organized by Habitats across the world over a span of years, and Dallas Area Habitat has certainly added to those figures.

Like an Earth Day style event, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity clean up days are focused on cleaning up the area we serve, work and live by picking up trash and litter. These efforts create an immediate, visible difference in the community. They’re organized throughout the year based on availability and community need, and can be monitored through the Dallas Area Habitat Volunteer Portal.

Working around the office

As a non-profit, Dallas Area Habitat runs on volunteers at all arms of the business, including the office. The office is always looking for volunteers to assist with the following:

  • Create welcome baskets for homeowners
  • Filing
  • Sorting
  • Organizing gifts for events
  • And general office admin

Office volunteers get a special sneak peek into life at Dallas Habitat and get to work face to face with Marketing, Creative, Education and more.

Habitat Young Professionals (HYP)

Habitat Young Professionals (HYP) is a unique volunteer opportunity for young people. The key mission of the group is to advocate for affordable housing, acquire volunteers to build homes and raise funds to support the mission across emerging channels and younger markets.

HYP members are the next generation of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity and support affiliates’ local service while engaging young professionals as leaders, volunteers, advocates, educators and donors through community building, social media and more.

It’s also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and create everlasting friendships. HYP is looking for young leaders who are motivated to support Dallas in a way that has never been done before. Signing up to become an HYP member can be done through the Dallas Area Habitat website.

Join our Blue Hats

If you’ve visited a ReStore, you’ve likely met a Blue Hat. Blue Hat volunteers tend to enjoy meeting new people, retail operations, or a fun day out doing something out of the ordinary.

Other than the unique donation component, ReStore volunteers (or Blue Hats), are one of the key elements that set ReStores apart from other hardware stores. Blue Hats work alongside ReStore staff to create a meaningful experience for customers – from greeting, providing DIY advice, or stocking inventory, Blue Hats are one of the key pillars of ReStore operations.

Restores are open 7-days a week and most flexible shifts are allocated to volunteers. To become a Blue Hat volunteer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Agree to volunteer for at 4 shifts minimum
  • Opness to one-year commitment as a Blue Hat, ideally with a shift commitment when possible
  • Participate in training provided by ReStore staff
  • Be self-sufficient and independent thinker
  • Physical requirement of standing and possibly lifting at least 20lbs
  • Provide great customer service toward donors and ReStore customers

Email restorevolunteer@dallas-habitat.org with Blue Hat volunteer questions or opportunities in physical requirements or availability. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, email info@Dallas-Habitat.org