Rebuild and Recycle

After becoming a DIY expert, we ask you to help us keep the ReStore ecosystem alive by donating your unwanted furniture, building materials or household goods to your nearest ReStore. Your donations will not only inspire others to build and create, but will support our mission of building homes, community and hope for others. Donate To Your ReStore.

Tiny House. Big Impact.

Meet the Terraform One. A 250 square ft tiny home. Tiny homes have risen in popularity over the past few years due to their ability to be transported, lower costs and eco-friendly qualities. All of those characteristics encompass the Terraform One, however, this home has a greater story.

Habitat ReStore materials were integral in the creation of Terraform One. With ReStore materials costing 25-90% less than a traditional hardware store, ReStore just made sense for the homeowner.

Richard, Terraform One’s designer, was shocked at the prices of ReStore materials when describing the process of constructing the home. The Terraform One features obvious signs expert engineering, and modern design featuring premium amenities such as a commercial sink and surround sound. The less obvious is the treasures Richard found at ReStore. Terraform One has ReStore paint, renovated $40 ReStore cabinets and most impressively, the stairs to the loft was created with $1 ReStore toilet paper roll holders.

Create those “personal touches” everyone talks about
Have you ever walked into a home and felt that “lived in” feeling? It’s warm, cozy, everything simply feels thoughtful (and it’s not because of the succulents and candles). If your home is craving something special, you’ve come to the right place. Please find some of our favorite house-to-home DIYs using ReStore materials.

Lamps from Glass Jugs

Give your bedroom a facelift with this clever DIY

Custom Ink Coasters

Whether you’re having friends over for book club or Sunday football, everyone will ask where you bought these coasters

Planter made from an Antique Chair

Add some life and character to your home with greenery

Wall Art

Who knew paint and light switches could transform like this?