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Are you ready to redecorate but you can’t stand the idea of your old couch rotting in the landfill? Selling it may be an option if it’s still in style. But the hassle of uploading photos, creating an advertisement, and monitoring responses–not to mention dealing with potential buyers–is both time-consuming and frustrating.

Luckily, Habitat for Humanity has a way to ensure your couch is repurposed and rescued from the landfill, while also helping those in need. And the best part is we’ll pick it up and move it out for free!

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

The Habitat for Humanity Dallas will pick up donations of gently used furniture from your home on a day that’s convenient for you. We sell this furniture in our ReStore–a consignment store that offers furniture like yours at affordable prices. All of the sales go directly into building houses for families in need–right here in the Dallas area.

Our mission is to provide safe and affordable housing for deserving families. Every donation of furniture to the ReStore helps us fund that mission. Let us turn your unwanted couch into the building materials needed to build a home. Make an impact in your community by donating your high-quality, lightly-used, unwanted furniture.

To schedule your free pick-up, fill out our contact form online!

Donation Criteria

While we greatly appreciate any donation, we do have certain criteria for furniture donations. Furniture must:

  • Be in good condition–no excessive rips, scratches, or stains, and no missing parts, rotting wood, etc.
  • Have a use in a home setting–recliners, dining sets, bed frames, chairs, bookcases, couches, etc. We cannot take sofa beds, mattresses, or entertainment centers. Please see our Residential Donation page for more information about what we can and cannot accept. If you have specific questions, contact your nearest ReStore location.

The Benefits of Donating Your Furniture to the ReStore

When you donate your furniture to the ReStore, it’s a win-win-win-win. You get your unwanted furniture hauled away for free, it gets upcycled instead of rotting in a landfill, the proceeds from your donation help build a new home for a deserving family, and it’s fully tax-deductible!

Donating saves you time and money while also helping a deserving family become first-time homeowners. To make a difference in your local community, all you have to do is fill out a Pickup Request or give us a call. Find your nearest location here.