What are ReStores?What is Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are non profit home improvement stores that sell recycled or donated items whose proceeds are used to build affordable housing for the greater Dallas community. Dallas ReStores are conveniently located in Lake Highlands, West Dallas and Garland and were built to serve the community by upcycling gently used goods, while providing more capital to build affordable housing in Dallas.

How it started

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are world recognized for being one of the most sustainable shopping options for home improvement items for 30 years. The first US location was created in Austin, TX in 1992 and has since expanded throughout the world as an eco-friendly solution powered by a meaningful cause.

All ReStore locations are independently owned by the Habitat for Humanity in that area. This gives each store a unique footprint which creates a thriving environment of local flavor.

Dallas stores are powered by a team of enthusiastic volunteers and donors which pull the ReStore community together creating a special experience for each visitor.

Shopping experience like no other

ReStore shopping is famously described as a “treasure hunt” by the thousands of shoppers that walk through them. With the ongoing rotation of new products, it is a sought after destination for builders, creators and DIY-ers across Dallas.

What you can expect when you shop at a Dallas ReStore:

  • New rotation of items every day
  • All of our items aren’t second hand, there are new item donations that come in every day
  • 100% of the profits from Dallas ReStores go towards building affordable housing in Dallas

The people of ReStore

Unlike traditional hardware stores, ReStores are powered by volunteers. Volunteers, or ‘blue hats’ are composed by a magical group of people who show up every day with a smile. ReStores contain volunteers who’ve been with the business for years, others for a single day outing. When you walk into a ReStore you can expect to meet someone from a corporate volunteer day, community service outing or a friendly face looking to meet new people in the community.

Working with your budget

ReStores take a lot of pride in having something for everyone – especially at an affordable price. Items are typically 70% off retail price. Everything from windows, doors, furniture and couches for just a few dollars.

These low prices have become widely sought after by those looking to renovate or freshen up their home, and the staff is fueled by the same creative energy. If you have DIY questions, ask the ReStore staff, or visit our YouTube channel which provide you tips and tricks to get you started.


Given that ReStores are run on donations, they create a perfect environment for upcycling.

Upcycling takes existing or rejected items and gives them new life. A coat of paint, some sanding or assigning something a new purpose are all examples of upcycling – or what the ReStore team likes to call it, ‘fancy recycling’.

Although ReStores do sell new items, upcycling results in less landfill, pollution and general waste. Every time something new is created from something old, less landfill waste is created.

Donating to ReStore

Every ReStore donation helps build a brighter future for families across Dallas (and are tax deductible!) Accepting a range of new or gently used products, ReStore donations can be picked up for free via a scheduled pick up.