Giving to children through non-profits

There are many different nonprofits that help children in Dallas. Some focus on providing food, shelter, or education; others provide support services such as job training and mental health counseling. It is important to choose a nonprofit that matches your specific needs and interests, as each organization provides unique opportunities and assistance. This article will review some of the most influential in the city.

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity helps create safe, affordable housing for those in need across Dallas. Backed by a global entity, the Dallas Habitat for Humanity branch focuses on ensuring everyone has a ‘decent place to live’ in the Greater Dallas community. This mission breeds financial independence for families, and results in safer, more stable childhoods for the children within them.

Becoming a Habitat Homeowner is not a free pass to homeownership. Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity invests in their families financial future through homeownership education courses and finance fundamentals to ensure confidence and responsibility in every client who becomes a homeowner.

Additionally, the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is backed by four ReStore locations. A Habitat for Humanity ReStore are home improvement stores which sell items such as building materials, new or gently used decor, lighting, craft supplies and more. The great part about them is that they are a fundamental branch of the non profit. 100% of proceeds from ReStore sales go back into fueling Dallas Area Habitat and its core mission.

To learn more about the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity mission, visit https://dallasareahabitat.org/mission-vision/


There’s no question that education is critical to success in life. But what’s often overlooked is the role that community experiences play in providing lifelong learning opportunities. H.E.R.O.E.S was founded in 2005 by a group of special education teachers and parents who noticed that those with special needs needed to be more involved with the community.

Starting with only five students, H.E.R.O.E.S founders partnered with First United Methodist Church Richardson to provide a weeklong day camp to teach those with special needs life long skills and provided creative outlets for socialization and learning.

Today, the H.E.R.O.E.S team has helped hundreds of families and still believes in the power of education, and providing lifelong learning through community experiences. Through after-school programs, summer camps, or adult education classes, H.E.R.O.E.S. is committed to helping our community members of Dallas learn and grow.

Love for Kids Inc

The Love for Kids Inc. vision is to see all children in the community have access to basic needs so they can grow and flourish into healthy, successful adults that make a positive impact on their communities.

One of the unique components of their organization is their Young At Heart program, which is created to support seniors who may be raising young children.

Through mentorship, seasonal events and collaboration with other agencies, Love for Kids Inc invests in the future of children and families to create more vibrant communities throughout the Dallas area.

Foster Kids Charity

Foster Kids Charity is a non profit that strives to provide the best possible care for children in foster care throughout Dallas. They work to improve the well-being of these children by providing them with resources and support. Additionally, they also educate volunteers about the foster care system so that they can be more effective advocates for these children.

Their primary goal is to increase the number of adoptions for foster children. By improving the well-being of these children and increasing awareness about the foster care system, they hope to make this goal a reality.

Hope Supply Co

Since 1989, Hope Supply Co. has been helping homeless and at-risk children in our community. They provide resources and support to families in need, and work to ensure that all children have the opportunity to thrive and are safe.

Hope Supply Co. works with over 80+ partner agencies to provide diapers and other essentials to social service organizations in North Texas, including shelters, transitional housing and foster care agencies. Working with these organizations directly provides confidence that they are delivered to the families who need them most and are not lost in transit.

They also have a Hope in a Box program, which is a gift box containing small gifts, hygiene products or celebratory surprises as a fun gift for the children that they serve.

Deciding which non profit is right for you

By supporting a non profit aimed at helping families and children in need within your area, you’re supporting those within your direct community. Before donating, consider researching the non profit to ensure they align with your values, and have made an impact on those they have helped. Case studies, or family stories, for example, is a great sign a non profit is achieving some level of success and is making a difference in the community.