Habitat Youth Programs

At Habitat for Humanity, we take a great deal of pride in our ability to offer comprehensive youth programs and volunteer opportunities for all ages. This article will outline what those opportunities look like and how to get involved.

Benefits of volunteering young

Studies have shown that volunteering at a young age can have a positive impact in confidence, and a reduced rate in drop outs and course failure. Therefore, it is no surprise that parents are eager to get their children out in the community to gain meaningful experiences. At Habitat for Humanity, our young volunteers gain meaningful perspective and skills such as:

  • Renewed insight by meeting people of different background, cultures, areas and financial means
  • Understand the needs of others by gaining community understanding on key topics such as affordable housing
  • Value in community activity by being apart of it
  • Confidence in doing new activities
  • A sense of accomplishment by working alongside other volunteers
  • Have a new sense of fun by helping others

Habitat Young Professionals

Habitat Young Professionals is a community chapter that works to support Habitat’s mission of providing safe, affordable housing for families in Dallas. The HYP team does this by engaging volunteers, community leaders, educator and other advocates in a grassroots methodology with the focus of growing strong community social networks.

The primary goal of HYP is to work with their local chapter to create change in their community. While doing this, Habitat Young Professionals gain community exposure, leadership skills, networking opportunities and access to scholarships or grants. Sign up to become a member.

The HYP Objectives:

  • Serve the greater Dallas community in partnership with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity
  • Educate personal networks, community members and other chapter leaders about community needs, feedback and requirements
  • Raise funds for the organization through seasonal campaigns and activity
  • Participate in a community centered around personal development, growth and community.

Start a fundraising team

We are fortunate enough to work with donors of all ages, many of which come from fundraising teams.

A fundraising team is a peer-to-peer fundraising group which can be led by anyone with a mission to raise. For example, a team can be created by hosting an event, requiring a “ticket” (a donation) to attend. Additionally, especially for younger donors, it can be as simple as a donation goal to celebrate a birthday in lieu of gifts – like what the amazing J.Z. Moehlenbrock did.

Volunteer at a build

15 years old is when you can experience one of our incredible home builds (a parent or guardian is required if under 18). A Habitat for Humanity home build is a volunteer day filled with fun and fulfillment as you witness what goes into creating a home.

What you can expect at a Habitat Build:

  • You don’t need any construction experience. Therefore, you can be doing anything from gathering materials, passing tools or serving lunch
  • The day typically runs for around 8 hours
  • Dedicated and informed site leaders will be there to guide you through the build so you’re confident and comfortable with your involvement in the experience
  • A fun filled day with a sense of meaningful accomplishment

Get in touch

If you, or someone you know, is interested in volunteering with Dallas Area Habitat contact us at info@dallas-habitat.org. We have new youth programs, and volunteer opportunities, all the time and would be happy to share more information with you.