Small ways you can improve your neighborhood

Implementing change can often feel “too big” for one person. However, that’s not always the case. Here are some small changes you can do in your neighborhood to make it a better place to live for everyone.

What can I do to make my neighborhood better?

According to Investopedia, having a good neighborhood is one of the biggest factors for buyers in deciding where to purchase a home. Good schools, community centers and shops are all factors that go into a good neighborhood

As a member of your local community, the more good qualities your neighborhood has only benefits you as more businesses and families will be interested in moving there, which fosters positive community growth.

However, we’re all often busy, and sometimes implementing community initiatives can feel like biting off too much to chew. It doesn’t have to be that way. We all want to live in an area that’s safe, clean and welcoming. The more you can do the better, that said, beyond taking out the trash and being a friendly neighbor, there are many small changes that’ll make a big impact to those around you.

Shop at local businesses

Buying from local businesses will keep money within the community, making it an easy way to support your neighborhood. Local businesses often buy from other local businesses (e.g farms, service providers etc.) which feeds money back into the area and provides more job opportunities.

Shopping locally can also simply be more fun. Local businesses are able to apply a regional twist to their foods or services which often can be more enjoyable as a customer. The qualities of local shops can also diversify a neighborhood and attract new visitors to the area making it a more attractive destination.

ReStore can be a great place to find patio furniture. We’re often getting new items from brands or, if they are second hand, they’re gently used, guaranteeing a good quality set.

Pick up litter around your home

It sounds simple but picking up litter when you see it is a great way to set an example in your neighborhood. Litter can travel beyond the streets into waterways, forests and oceans damaging surroundings.

Picking up litter doesn’t only reduce the impact on our planet, but can inspire others to do the same, which creates a bigger community movement. Community clean ups are most effective at scale, so invite other neighbors to join you, or share your initiative with them to make them more aware of your efforts – you may inspire them to do the same!

Add some life to your front yard

Your front yard is all anyone sees when passing by your neighborhood. A clean, welcoming front yard is a great way to improve the appearance of your street. Here are a few simple ways you can make your front yard more appealing:

  • Add some patio furniture or seating
  • Plant some flowers
  • Spruce up your lawn
  • Seed a tree
  • Keep your card clean and free of trash or recyclables
  • Paint your front door
  • Add lighting

These ideas don’t stem beyond the standard hardware store. If you’re looking for a range of options at low cost, check out your local ReStore which will have everything you need to spruce up your front lawn.

Host a block party

Neighborhood parties are a great way to get introduced to the families that live close to you. Block parties are best held in warm weather to be enjoyed outside during the daylight – extra bonus if a neighbor has a pool they’re open to sharing!

Hosting a neighborhood event can be a lot to take on for one person, so get others involved by asking everyone to make their favorite dish to be enjoyed at the party. Some popular options are potato salads, grilled vegetables, cheese and crackers or a favorite sweet treat. It’s also fun to share a dish that may be a family favorite so the neighbors get a better idea of your background and learn more about you.


Volunteering is an easy way to get to know those within your community, and can help form meaningful bonds to rally around an important cause. There are several ways you can volunteer in your community:

  • Plan activities at the local senior center
  • Research initiatives at your local hospital
  • Fundraise for meaningful community causes
  • Spend time at animal shelters
  • Join a neighborhood clean up
  • Volunteer at the library
  • Engage a local soup kitchen
  • Or research a nonprofit that is close to you in your area

Building communities with Habitat

Our mission at Habitat for Humanity is to create safe, meaningful neighborhoods through homebuyer programs, building, education and advocacy. We’ve been able to help millions of families since our origin and are always looking for volunteers or donations to support neighborhood growth across the world. If you’re looking to improve your neighborhood, reach out to your nearest Habitat for Humanity to learn more about donation and volunteering opportunities.