Tips for Shopping at a ReStore

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are home improvement stores where proceeds are used to build affordable housing within the greater Dallas area. They sell donated and recycled items and offer great bargains or finds for those who enjoy a treasure hunt style shopping experience.

Tip #1: Put on your builder hat

Habitat has helped 35+ million people construct, reintegrate or preserve homes since 1976. Therefore, when you walk into a ReStore, we hope you feel that same spirit as you stroll through endless tiling, flooring, doors, windows and more.

Now, ReStores do not solely sell building materials, however given the mission of Habitat for Humanity, it’s an obvious highlight as part of the shopping experience.

ReStore shoppers have a range of building needs and experience. Some shoppers come to ReStore looking for inspiration. They’re not builders by trade, but are excited by a home renovation or a DIY project. Therefore, the ability to imagine where and what can be done with mystery materials can be exciting.

However, some shoppers fall into the category of being more experienced, therefore have specific building needs. Although shopping at ReStore does come with an element of surprise due to our rotation of new donations every day, the team is eager to help find whatever you may be looking for. If you’re shopping for something specific, call your local ReStore before making a visit and they can let you know if they have what you may need.

Tip #2: Visit more than once

Easy for us to say, but it’s worth the while. ReStores can often look completely different even a week later. As mentioned, ReStores receive donations daily, however, they also receive donations from more than individuals. Corporations frequently donate office furniture, extra building materials or items that are slightly damaged to their local ReStores. Additionally, if they order too much of an item, they will also donate it. Meaning it’s common for ReStores to be filled with new, brand name items for up to 70% off.

Embrace a DIY experience

The best part about shopping at a ReStore is that you simply do not know what you’re going to walk into. Therefore, a big shopping tip is to be open to the DIY experience which includes:

  1. Ask yourself what DIY projects you could take on, research a few ideas before your visit
  2. Take a look at the antique section of the store – sometimes all those items need is a coat of paint
  3. Have your tool list ready – if you know of the type of project you want to take on, make a list of any tools or materials you may need. You can pick them up at ReStores for low cost.


Upcycling is the fundamental behavior to the ReStore ecosystem. As you think about what you need, also think about what you don’t. ReStore will pick up your gently used items free of charge from your home, making it incredibly easy to make way for the new – but also give back to the community.